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Simple Seaside Stay

Enjoy the simple pleasures of life

MY LODGE was built in April 2020, using a boutique style MUJI house design. The concept behind this design was “one-room house”. Throughout the lodge you will see high windows and open spaces, with minimal walls. This concept was used to connect the outside and natural environment with the inside world. The feeling inside My Lodge has a calm and relaxing atmosphere. The simplicity of MUJI design allows visitors to connect with Naoshima's beautiful landscape whilst enjoying a luxurious and comfortable holiday from within the lodge.

Photograph: Seto Inland Sea

Watch the boats sail by on the Seto Inland Sea which can be viewed from all areas within and around the lodge. You can see the mountains of Shikoku on the horizon and in our west facing rooms you can see the sun setting over Miyanoura Port.

Photograph: Deluxe Corner Room (Grand family room) 

Enjoy the simple pleasures of life from the comfort of your own room. Each room is furnished with simple MUJI oak wood furniture and decorated with unique art. MY LODGE really does feel extraordinary. Stay with us and escape everyday life, feel relaxed and connect with Naoshima's beautiful nature.


Mr. Shioda of Anabuki Home, the Shikoku district agency of MUJI House, designed MY LODGE. He was mindful of the natural surroundings and used the gradient of the hill to connect the two lodges. My lodge is furnished with MUJI oak furniture. The bedding is MUJI product - promising a comfortable and cozy sleep. The flooring is solid oak - you can feel the softness and warmth of the oak tree under your feet!


“Resource-saving”, “low-priced”, “simple”, “anonymous”
and “nature-oriented”


All 16 rooms have ocean views! Nestled on top of a hill you can also see Naoshima's beautiful landscape and traditional Japanese village houses. 
When you book a holiday with us, you truely can feel comfortable and relaxed.

Paintings & Photographs


Tsutomu Fujishima born in Kagawa prefecture, Japan. Tsutomu graduated from Osaka Design College in 1986 and worked for an advertising design company in Tokyo.In 1995 he became independent as an illustrator, based on the idea of ​​“drawing a world that can only” be expressed. In painting ”. He created a unique style that combines mediums of digital and hand art using watercolors, colored pencils, acrylic paint, unique vinegar mix and cutouts.


Jeremy Benkemoun born in Cannes, France. After growing up in Southern France until the age of 17, Jeremy moved to Paris to study art. He decided to join the exchange program and moved to Japan to complete part of his studies at the University of Tokyo , before completing his PHD in Contemporary Art and Photography Theory in Paris. 
In French, English and Japanese.

Our staff come from different countries around the world, with mixed nationalities and speak many different languages. Most of us have come to Naoshima Island to live a slow and relaxing lifestyle, to live by the sea or to see Naoshima's extraordinary art. Please ask us for help and we will happily do our best to make your stay more memorable. We may even share with you some of the Islands best kept secrets!