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Terms and Conditions

Please read through the following description to continue your booking. Cancellation policy is also mentioned.
By submitting your booking request, you are deemed to have agreed to these Terms and Conditions.

Reception: From 7 am to 9 pm (Check-in, check-out or the use of left luggage outside hours is not possible.)
Check-in: From 3 pm to 9 pm 
Check-out: From 7 am to 10 am 

To ensure that you enjoy a safe and comfortable stay at My Lodge Naoshima, we kindly ask you to respect the following facility terms and conditions we have established. Please, note that the hotel shall not be held responsible for any accidents that occur on its premises, if you fail to observe these terms of use.

1.Booking procedure:
・After selecting your date of arrival, the number of occupancy, the number of bedrooms and the type of rooms, please fill in the items below and submit your booking request.
 ー Name of guest
 ー Your contact details
 ー Your planned time of arrival on the check-in day
 ー Your planned time of departure on the check-out day

※Online reservation is only for individuals. If you are a group (4 or more rooms), please contact us by phone or Email.
※Groups (4 or more rooms) are required to make a prepayment. We will let you know about the amount of payment and the due date. If we don't receive your payment by the due date, your reservation will be automatically cancelled.

・ When making a reservation from our homepage, we ask for your credit card information in addition to the information above. Please refer to the link attached to the confirmation email as regards to the privacy policy.
・The reservation is not confirmed when you send us the reservation request. Once we have agreed to and confirmed internally the request, the reservation will be confirmed.
・The person who made the booking must provide the following information, at the reception of the hotel upon check-in.
 ー Name and address of the guests
 ー For foreign visitors: Nationality and passport number
 ※For groups, please send us a copy of all members' passports in advance.

Cancellation/change fee will be charged as below when cancelling or changing (e.g. number of guests, number of rooms, room types, accommodation date) a reservation.
If you wish to cancel your reservation, please do it on this website by logging in with your name and booking reference number.
If you wish to change your reservation, please cancel your original reservation and make a new one.
Cancellation or change by phone or Email is not possible.
【Cancellation policy】
Up to 6 days prior to check-in: Free of charge
5-1 day(s) prior to check-in: We charge 50% of the total price (tax included)
On the day of chack-in or No-show: We charge 100% of the total price (tax included)

2.Access to the hotel
MY LODGE is located about an 8 minutes walk from Miyanoura Port.

3.Use of the guest rooms
・Water is a very valuable resource on Naoshima Island. In order to protect the environment, we do not change linen for consecutive nights unless requested. We will however take out the trash, make a bed simply and change towels if you wish. If you wish your sheets or towels to be changed, please let us know.
・Do not use the equipment other than the air-conditioning and the hot-water pot in the guest room for air-conditioning and cooking.
・Room equipment should not be removed from the room. If you lose or damage an equipment, you will be asked to compensate its actual cost.
・Refrain from significantly moving the furnitures of the room.
・We do not accept pets.
・The whole facility (including terrace) is non-smoking. Please use the outside smoking area when you wish to do so. If you are seen smoking outside of the dedicated area, we will ask for a cleaning fee from 30,000 to 50,000 as well as a damage compensation fee for the room.
・We refuse a number of occupancy superior to the booking.

4.Room key
・Please note, your room is not equipped with an auto-lock system. Please lock the door and take the key with you when leaving the room.
・Please lock the room yourself when you are in, when you go to bed, and when you go out.
・Be sure to return the key to the front when you check-out.
・If the room key is lost or damaged, you will be asked to pay for the entire cost of its replacement. 

5.Payment method
・Please proceed to the payment upon check-in, by cash or credit card. Please note that we do not accept payment by check or bill.  
・We ask groups to pay by bank transfer in advance. Thank you for your understanding.
・If an extra fee is to be applied for your stay, it will be taken into account by the front desk. 

6.Luggage storage
・We will gladly keep your luggage at the front desk, before check-in and after check-out. However, please keep your money, your valuable or fragile belongings with you. Please note, we shall not be held responsible in the event of robbery or loss.

7.Parking lot
・There is a parking space in front of the lodge (1,000 yen per night) and reservation is required by phone or Email. The road leading to the hotel is not a private road and has some very narrow portion. Please do not park on the middle of the road. We shall not be held responsible for accidents.
・If the parking space in front of the lodge are full, pelase use our free parking which is about 2 minutes walk (including stairs) from the lodge, or use a public parking at Miyanoura port.
・When traveling within the island with a rental bicycle, you can also use My Lodge Naoshima parking lot.
・We shall not be held responsible for lost or stolen parked vehicles.

8.Concerning disruptive behaviours disrupting the public order
・In accordance with the "Law on Prevention of Unreasonable Behaviours by Gang Members" (enforced on March 1st, 1992), we refuse access to designated gangs and gang members.  Even if such situation is discovered after the reservation has been confirmed, we will still refuse the access as well.
・Anti-social groups and anti-social group members are not allowed to use the hotel.
・The access to the hotel will be immediately denied to a guest who has been found guilty of behaviours such as violence, intimidation, threats, peremptory unfair requests or similar behaviours.
・The hotel will refuse access to any guest being loud, noisy, or uproarious; and inconveniencing or causing unconmfort to other customers and our staff in any way.
9.Accommodation contract
・We consider the accommodation contract to be binding once you have received the confirmation email sent by us.
・My Lodge Naoshima may refuse booking for the below reasons:
 ーGuestrooms are full
 ーWhen it has been clear that the guest wishing to stay has act shown a behaviour described on article 8 of the terms and recommendations
 ーWhen it is clear that the guest wishing to stay has the symptoms of an infectious disease.
 ーWhen facilities cannot be used due to unavoidable reasons, such as a natural disaster or failure malfunction of the facilities.

By submitting your booking request, you are deemed to have agreed to these Terms and Conditions.

- If you wish to book a Grand Family Room (connecting rooms), please book a Deluxe Corner Room and a Standard Room (TYPE A).
- An infant (0-5 years old) can stay free of charge per an adult if he/she doesn't use a bed.
  If an infant needs his/her own bed, adult rate is applied regardless of age.
  Please search without the number of infants who will not use a bed. You can add infants in the next page.