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Setouchi Slow Food

French - Japanese fusion restaurant

A dining experience like no other. We have cultivated our menu using only the finest ingredients. Seeking out unique and traditional recipes to bring out real authentic flavours.
Our menu uses seasonal ingredients and locally sourced produce from the surrounding ‘Setouchi’ region. Setouchi meaning the Inland Sea. Naoshima has an abundance of seafood and you can almost always expect there to be a tasty local catch on the menu.

The Seto Inland Sea is a treasure trove of unique ingredients.
Naoshima / Octopus, Gara Prawns & Flounder
Nissei / Oysters
Sanuki / Salmon
Ibukijima / Sardines
Tsuyama / Dried Beef
Kagawa / Olive Beef
Omishima / Wild Boar
Fruit & Vegetables
Omishima & Ikuguchi / Citrus Fruits
Shodoshima / Olives
Awajishima / Onions
We also offer organic wines, local beers and house-made liqueurs made with seasonal fruit flavours.

Please check with our staff or ask the chef what seasonal dishes are on the menu.
'Setouchi' Treasure trove of ingredients
Naoshima is nestled between Hiroshima and Shikoku, the sea surrounding Naoshima is abundant with seafood. At our restaurant 'Luke's Table' you can enjoy many locally sourced foods and taste delicious fresh seafood. One of our favorite amongst visitors is our "Setouchi" slow cooked set course meal.

Naoshima local produce
Naoshima is a remote Island with low water resources. Due to this the Island mostly cultivates wheat, fruit and vegetables instead of rice. The soil is rich in minerals and vitamins from year round warm temperatures. 'Luke's Table' offers not only fruits and vegetables, but meat as well from the surrounding "Setouchi" region.

8:00-9:00 (8:45 Last entry)

Morning Sun & Seaview

Breakfast set meal
Slow Cooked Seasonal Soup
Garden Salad
Egg Dish
Sausage & Bacon
A simple yet delicious breakfast to help kick start your day on Naoshima.
* Dishes vary depending on the season and availability.

* New menu and price from 1st March 2024. (1,000 yen --> 1,500 yen)
Western Style1,500
Our chef prepares a traditional slow cooked broth, rich in flavor! This broth is added to each seasonal soup creating a unique and delicious taste.
Seasonal Soup / Bread / Garden Salad / Egg Dish / Sausage & Bacon / Potato / Coffee / Tea / Juice / Lemon Water
*The photo is the old menu.

18:00~ (Closed at 21:00)

Sunset & Seaview

Since the days of 'Kitamaebune' the Seto Inland Sea has had a unique food culture, blending foods from all over Japan. Many farmers and fishermen have made use of the abundant sea and rich soil in the 'Setouchi' region and for years have been producing unique and delicious foods using traditional Japanese techniques and methods. We have sourced only the finest produce from our local farmers and fishermen and have created a menu like no other on Naoshima Island.

In our restaurant we use traditional Japanese cooking methods with inspired French recipes and are excited to share our unique and delicious meals with you. We hope that you will join us for a memorable dining experience and enjoy the 'Setouchi' cuisine.

'Luke's Table' is the perfect place to relax, unwind and indulge after a day out exploring Naoshima's art and nature. 

The restaurant (dinner) is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Drinks are not included in the meal. We ask all our guests to order at least one drink. 

*Reservation is required for dinner. If the restaurant is full, we can't serve dinner even if you are staying at My Lodge Naoshima. If you made a reservation for dinner but the restaurant is fully booked, we will contact you within 24 hours of receiving the reservation.
Setouchi slow food course6,500
Our famous Setouchi slow cooked course includes..
Amuse-bouche / 3-4 appetizer / small pasta / main / dessert
Please ask our chef what seasonal dishes will be on the menu.

Setouchi paella share course (minimum 2 people)5,400
Our paella dish consists of local fresh Naoshima seafood; Gara prawns, octopus, squid, Setouchi region salted pork, Okayama chicken and seasonal vegetables all served on Koshihikari rice. Our delicious paella is cooked in olive oil and simmered in our chefs secret broth recipe.

Sea-breeze pasta course4,300
Our sea-breeze pasta dish is a lighter choice and is made from short pasta. The sauce is made from a mix of local meats and holds a simple yet delicious flavor.

Cafe & Bar
White / Red / Sparkling
Ask our staff which wine will best compliment your meal.

A world-class collection of Japanese whiskey.


Liquor, Beer & Cocktail
House-made liquor, Beer, Cocktail

Non-alcoholic beverages
Mocktails / Soft drink / Juice