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'Setouchi' Treasure trove of ingredients

Naoshima is nestled between the main land of Japan and Shikoku Island. The sea surrounding Naoshima has extreme low and high tides that flow between and around the Island. This tide brings with it an abundance of fish and seafood and has made it a popular spot for fisherman and locals to catch and supply the Island with fresh seafood. 

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Red Sea Bream / Naoshima coast

Octopus / Naoshima coast, off Okayama

Shrimp / Naoshima coast, Seto Inland Sea

Japanese Sea Bass / Naoshima coast, off Okayama, off Kagawa

Flounder / aquaculture  off Naoshima

Yellowtail / aquaculture  off Naoshima

Salmon / Sanuki salmon  aquaculture  specific season

Squid / Naoshima coast, off Kagawa, off Okayama

Dried Sardine / Ibukijima

Red Grouper / Naoshima coast, Seto Inland Sea

Rockfish / Naoshima coast, Seto Inland Sea

Turban Shell / Naoshima coast, Okayama coast 

Nori (Seaweed) / off Naoshima