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🍃 Organic wine

White wine

🍃 Roc des Anges Cotes du Roussillon Effet Papillon 2018
Grenache Blanc Wine 100%
 650 yen / Glass      4,200 yen / Bottle
Vibrant aromas of white flowers, pears, and marzipan emerge when the wine is poured, adding ripe honeydew and suggestion of lemon balm as it evolves in the glass.

🍃 Mas d'Espanet - Freesia
Viognier 50% Sauvignion Blanc 50%
 650 yen / Glass      4,200 yen / Bottle
This cuvee reflects the unipue freshness of the terroir. It's a fruity, fresh, delicate and delicious wine.

🍃 Domaine de l'Eveche - Bourgogne Cote Chalonnaise Blanc 2018
Chardonnay 100%
 800 yen / Glass      5,200 yen / Bottle
Aromas of green apples, white flowers and custerd cream. Very expressive wine.
Great taste with good quality and balance.

🍃 Domaine Guillot - Broux Macon Villages 2017
Chardonnay 100%
              5,800 yen / Bottle
Aromas of green apples, white flowers and custerd cream. Very expressive wine.
Great taste with good quality and balance.


Red wine

🍃 Saint Martin d'Agel - Le Pelerin 2018
Syrah 55% Grenache noir 35%  Mourvèdre 10%
 650 yen / Glass      4,200 yen / Bottle
Nose of dark fruits, violet, licorice, spices. Powerful, rich but nevertheless balanced.
The texture is like crushed velvet and the finish evolves from a dark fruit blast to sweet vanilla and spice notes.

🍃 Domaine Montrose Cote de Thongue Salamandre 2019
Cabernet Sauvignon 60% Syrah 40%
 750 yen / Glass      5,000 yen / Bottle
A secret cuvee that produces only 5000 to 8000 pieces a year.
It features an elegant, sophisticated and complex taste.

🍃Domaine Montrose - IGP d'Oc rouge 2019
Syrah 60% Cabernet Sauvignon 40%
 750 yen / Glass      5,000 yen / Bottle
This wine has a gamet color and purple reflects.
The aromas are full of cassis and cacao. The mouth is mellow and light.

🍃 Combel la Serre - Le Pur Fruit du Causse Cahors 2018
Malbec (Cot)
                4,500 yen / Bottle
A bright and intense purple colour which is recognisably Malbec. With raspberry and red currant nuances there is a rich black cherry aroma. Yet at just 12.5% alcohol - each mouthfeel is smooth and the spicy and very fresh taste makes the glass go on.

Chateaux Mont-Perat 2014
Merlot 60% Cabernet Sauvignon 20% Cabernet Franc 20%
              6,800 yen / Bottle
Smooth taste with a fruity aroma. A wine for almost all occasions!

Sparkling wine

Millesimes Bubbly
80% Chardonnay, 15% Sémillon, 5% Verdejo 
  860 yen  / Glass
This fruity balanced fresh bubbly from McLaren Vale in South Australia, has a rich fruit flavor, a refined taste with fine foam and balanced acid. You can smell the sweet aroma of lemon tart, white peach and fruity golden delicious apples.

🍃 Denis & Didier Berthollier Crémant de Savoie 85-3
Jaquere 60% Chardonnay 40%
                6,500 yen / Bottle
A glimmering deep gold white wine with fresh aromas of white flowers. A wonderfully balanced soft acid and a pleasant fruit taste throughout the mouth.
A fresh and delicious flavor when accompanied with aperitif or sweet dishes (dessert)